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Holy Trinity Volleyball Country Fundraiser Card

Holy Trinity Volleyball Country Fundraiser Card

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Your letter jacket is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. A premium wool body comes equipped with an easy-access inner zipper that allows you to add more patches as you receive them. The knit trim details and inner pockets further enhance this all-time classic look.

  • Premium Leather Sleeves
  • 100% Virgin Melton Wool
  • Two Slash Pockets
  • Internal Check Pocket/li>
  • 1x1 Rib Knit on Collar, Cuffs and Waistband

Wool 50%, Leather 50%

We waste no time getting your jackets out our doors. Once an order is placed, expect to recieve your jacket within 3-4 weeks. Beating our competitors by weeks! Be sure to track your order throughout the entire process.

This is the easy part, Visit the link below and find your exact fit.


    Affordable pricing and pay overtime options.


    Ships within 3-4 weeks


    Only the highest grade materials used.


    Your style, your legacy, any way you want it.


We only use the finest materials, Geniune Leather sleeves, cool fast hevayweight wool & chenille patches.


Once an order is placed, it take 3-4 weeks to recive your jacket!


We commit 5% of all direct sales back to your school or organization!

What Others Are Saying

Michelle W.

My son loves his letterman jacket! All his friends were impressed. Customizing the jacket lining is so cool!

James c.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Jamie C.

Every oppertunity my girl gets, she shows off her Varsity Cheer Jacket. The decorative lining is such a special feature.

Lilly W.

Academy Jackets Rock! so much lighter and beetter quality. All my friends notice the difference and regret not buying online.



How do I know that my jacket will have the same school colors?

We did our homework! We put in hundreds of hours doing our research on every high school, throughout the nation. We made sure we stuck to the core color combinations.

How long does it take to recevie after placing an order?

Once you place an order it takes 3-4 weeks to receive your jacket. We take half as long as our competitioin.

What if I want to put on additional patches after I recieve my jacket?

We understand that designing your letterman jackets is not a one time job. We made it easy for you to look up local tailors and have them put on any additional patches. That process is fairly quick and shouldn't cost more than $5 per patch.

What if my school is not listed on your site?

NO PROBLEM. Give us a call and we can register your school within 48 hours.