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Custom Vincent Memorial Jacket

Custom Vincent Memorial Jacket

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VM varsity patch  

Thank you very much for your support. I will attach in this email what I had customized so that it could serve as a reference. The only thing that would be missing is the school initials on the front-left side, which if I understood correctly you can add, and the year patch (2005), which would go on the top of the right sleeve. My old varsity jacket has more yellow colors but I think I used "Old gold" for this customization... maybe that's what the school color is nowadays? I would like your recommendation here if possible.
1. First name: Victoriano
2. Last name: Carrasco
3. Patches: Basketball (left sleeve at the top), year 2005 (right sleeve at the top)
4. Number: 7 (I had put one in the bottom right (back) and one the front right side under the name, so 2 patches)
5. Size: S
Regarding the front name. My old jacket had in the front right side "V. Carrasco", and I had chosen for this customization "Carrasco M.", I guess we could keep the old way "V. Carrasco". 
Regarding the back: Just "Carrasco" would be enough.
It may be that I choose to have it sent to Calexico instead of all the way here to Germany, but we can discuss that later :). 
Would you show me when you're done designing? I'm also open to reading your suggestions on what is the traditional way or recommendations. 
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