Are You the Right Target Audience for Varsity Jacket?

Are You the Right Target Audience for Varsity Jacket?

Is a varsity jacket only for high school students or athletes? Can’t anyone else wear it? Well, if you think this outerwear is exclusive to a specific audience, you are thinking wrong! In truth, these are for everyone! Yes, that’s right! People of all ages, genders, and body types can wear it. After all, these jackets are so much more than a school staple. They are a fashion statement that anyone can make! Want to know more about the varsity jacket target audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is your go-to guide on who can wear and flaunt these jackets.

Who Can Wear Varsity Jackets? Its Actual Target Audience

As aforementioned, a varsity jacket, also known as a letterman jacket, is not confined to be a school garment. This means that you don’t have to be a school student or a player to wear it. In fact, anyone can own and wear varsity jackets. 

Actual Varsity Jacket Target Audience!

Academic Achievers
High School Students
Fashion Enthusiasts

Besides, the right varsity jacket history perfectly tells the tale of them becoming exclusive clothing. Athletes – the Harvard baseball team – were the first ones to wear it in 1865. And their appearance in this unique garment took the world by storm. Gradually, other schools also came up with their own varsity jackets.
Fun Fact! During the early times, only the top players could keep their varsity jackets. The rest had to return it after the game.

At that time, only the star athletes or academic achievers could wear it and keep it. It was an exclusive garment! BUT NOT ANYMOREEE!! As the time passed, the varsity jacket target audience expanded. And now you can wear it regardless of your player rank and whether or not you are a student. Let’s find out who else can wear letterman jackets:
  • Athletes

As we know by now, the letterman jacket trend was started by athletes – the first ones among the varsity jacket target audience. They were the ones who inspired the world to jump onto the varsity bandwagon. Moreover, sportsmen and athletes have been wearing this outerwear for centuries now. They wear their varsity jacket with pride because it showcases their team spirit and dedication. After all, they have earned this jacket as a result of their hard work and perseverance. With the letters embroidered on their jackets, they showcase their belongingness to their school or organization.
 “It’s a garment blending personal achievement with team spirit. This makes it simple yet unique and empowering!” – Fashion Journalist, Glamour

Can athletes playing all sorts of sports wear varsity jackets? Well, these jackets are traditionally associated with American sports. It was designed for high school and college athletes to display their team affiliation and athletic achievements. However, any player can wear it! Here are the sports where athletes commonly wear this jacket:
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
Whatever sports you play, wearing a letterman jacket conveys that you are proud to be a part of this team.
  • Academic Achievers

After athletes, academic high performers were the ones to wear it. And they still do. These iconic garments usually have the school’s name on them. This is why they perfectly that the school appreciates the hard work and dedication students put into achieving high grades. And this is not all! Apart from the grades, it honors other school accomplishments too such as success in debates, math leagues, club involvement, etc.
“Varsity jackets have changed a lot over the years but one thing that hasn’t changed is that it signifies school achievements.”

The trend of varsity jackets in schools creates a culture where academic achievements are valued. Moreover, when other students see their fellows wearing varsity jackets, they become motivated to earn one for themselves too.
  • All High School Students

Not just athletes of the school, not just academic stars – all high school and college students can wear varsity jackets. Yes, that’s true! Whether or not you are a school star, you can still wear varsity jackets. Moreover, it is true that most schools give letterman jackets as rewards to only high achievers. So, what about other students? Can’t they showcase their school spirit with varsity jackets? Here’s the good news for all students: you can own and wear a varsity jacket too! However, you may have to buy it yourself.
 Did You Know?
During the early days of the varsity jacket, not everyone could embroider letters on their varsity jacket. That’s true! You either had to be an academic star or a top-tier player to wear a true letterman jacket with actual letters embroidered on it.

Schools don’t officially give they are a jacket unless you are a valedictorian or a sports hero. But hey, don’t be disheartened! Go and get yourself a jacket of your choice. The best part here: you can customize your jacket however you like. So, become your own Varsity Jacket Builder and decide the color, design, material, and everything by yourself. Amazing, right? What’s even more amazing is that you can play with different patches and emblems. What’s amazing about that? - you may wonder.
  • Celebrities

This is how the varsity jacket target audience expanded to more than just college students. It became a celebrity favorite. Moreover, their entry into Hollywood movies and celebrities made them an evergreen fashion trend. The 1980s was the time when this jacket became a part of the pop culture. This is the time when varsity jacket made its one of the most iconic appearances of all time. This includes the legendary music video Thriller which features Michael Jackson wearing a red and yellow letterman jacket with the letter “M” on it. This was an iconic moment, is an iconic moment, and will be an ICONIC MOMENT FOREVER!!!
Varsity Moment to Remember!
The Queen of Hearts Princess Diana had been spotted wearing her green varsity jacket at several occasions during the 80s and 90s. The most notable appearance is her June 1994 cover of People’s Magazine.

And there are a lot more! This means that the varsity jacket target audience is very vast. After all, it includes celebrities. And that too, all sorts of celebrities, from actors to singers and Instagram influencers. Whether it's Rihanna or Chris Evans, everyone has contributed their fair share to the varsity jacket trend.
  • Fashion Enthusiasts

Fashion enthusiasts in every era love the varsity jacket design. After all, no other apparel is as versatile as this one. And believe me when I say it the world of fashion is ruthless. It kills the trends that are not versatile enough. But the varsity jacket style has survived all storms and here it is: the ultimate fashion clothing item! If you are someone, who loves to experiment with their style, letterman jackets are surely for you. After all, you can style it in any ways you want.
Fashion Enthusiasts! Here is a list of brands from where you can wear your letterman jackets:
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Palm Angels
  • Saint Laurent
  • Burberry
  • Amiri
  • Superdry
  • H&M
  • GAP
  • Zara

The above list is a mix of both high fashion and mid-range brands. So, if you can’t afford to spend a hefty amount on the jacket. You can go for a mid-range brand. After all, they also put great effort into making their jackets seamless and top-notch.

Varsity Jackets Promote Gender Inclusivity!

Varsity aka letterman jackets are not just versatile. In fact, they’re empowering too. Undoubtedly, they are an inclusive piece of clothing. Regardless of your gender, you can wear a varsity jacket with pride. Although it was initially worn by male athletes, females have the equal rights to wear them. In fact, both male and female students proudly wear varsity jackets, showcasing their achievements in sports, academics, and extracurricular activities. Moreover, letterman jackets perfectly defy gender barriers, conveying that everyone has the right to wear varsity jackets regardless of gender, age, or race. Undoubtedly, varsity jackets celebrate diversity and inclusivity in ways no other garment can!

Note: While some brands make unisex jackets, many brands have come up with a different size range for males and females. This helps them target a broader audience for letterman jackets.

Varsity Jacket for Men

Do you know that most brands now make separate varsity jackets? This helps them cater to a wide range of sizes in both males and females. Moreover, the varsity jacket design for men allows them to style it for a wide range of occasions, from formal to semi-formal. Also, they are perfect for you to wear to sports events. Whether you are the main player of the team or just going to watch the game, this jacket is your ultimate outfit.

Varsity Jacket for Women

All varsity jackets have an androgynous appeal to them, including varsity jackets for women. Yes, that’s right! They are almost identical to those made for males. However, the fitting is slightly different. You should know that letterman jackets for females are designed to flatter women’s silhouettes. They feature snap-button closures, ribbed cuffs, and waistbands for a flattering fit. Moreover, brands usually make their female letterman jackets slightly shorter in length – again for a flattering silhouette.

Why are Varsity Jackets for Everyone?

As you know by now that varsity jacket has transcended its title of a high school staple. It had become an iconic fashion statement. And the best part about it is that all of us can make this statement. After all, it is not bound to a specific gender, race, age or profession. Whether you or not you are an athlete you can wear it. Why so? Why is it so inclusive? Well, the reason behind it is its versatility. You are free to design and style your varsity jacket the way you like.
Let’s dive deeper into how freely you can DESIGN and then STYLE your jacket. Here are the versatile options you get while designing your custom letterman jacket:

1. Versatile Elements of Your Varsity Jacket

    The fact that makes these jackets so amazing is that their elements can be customized the way you like. Let’s discuss what are those elements and how you can customize them:

    Classic Silhouette

    The look of the jacket is what makes it stand out from other garments. It’s not like other jackets. Furthermore, its fitted body, ribbed cuffs, and hem as well as contrasting sleeves give them a unique appeal. And any other outerwear doesn’t have that. Moreover, varsity jackets are designed in a way that looks flattering on everyone. Above all, its classic shape makes it easy to style. Undoubtedly, you can pair it with as many outfits as you can think of.

    Fabric Choices

    Another element of the custom varsity jacket that makes it a superior outerwear is the diverse fabric options you have. I don’t think there is any other jacket that comes in this much material variety. You can choose the material for the body per your preferences and weather considerations. Apart from this, if you are allergic to a fabric, like wool, you can skip that. Don’t know what are the options you have? Here is a short list of the most popular and practical material choices:

    • Cowhide Leather
    • Melton WoolCotton Fleece
    • Faux Leather
    • Polyester Satin

    Color Combinations

    The varsity jacket target audience is pretty VAST. It is because it caters to all sorts of people. Moreover, the colors of the jacket play a very important role in this regard. It is because, you can pick the colors you like for your varsity jacket. No need to stick to the traditional colors of your school. Instead, go for those that speak your style. However, you must ensure that your selection of colors complements each other. And hey, don’t be too outrageous with your choices! For instance, don’t mix colors like hot pink and yellow – it will surely make you stand out but in a way, you wouldn’t want.
    Besides, you can color customize the following for the varsity jacket elements:

    • Buttons
    • Zipper
    • Hood
    • Inside lining
    • Pockets
    • Knit base

    Designing Your Varsity Jacket

    Here comes the most fun part: designing your custom letterman jacket. If you are customizing your letterman jacket yourself, you can explore endless design options. Let your inner artist take the lead and see the magic happen! You can add anything on your jacket, be it your name, a quote that inspires you, your player number… just anything! Anyway, if you are adding your college name, keep it in the front center. This will help you get all the spotlight.
     Designing Tip for You! Don’t add any more than 12 characters at the chest. Or the area will look cluttered.

    Furthermore, the back center is for the player number. Believe me, a prominent player number at the back looks the coolest. Additionally, you can add symbols, logos, or mascots in the pocket area. Where else to place the mascots? Well, you can add them to the right part of the chest. And what about the batch year? That’s what sleeves are for.

    2. Versatile Styling of Your Varsity Jacket

    You were wondering: why letterman jacket is for everyone? And I gave you two answers for this. We’ve already discussed a) it’s versatile elements. Now, it’s time to talk about b) diverse styling options. In other words, this outerwear is for all of us because we can style it the way we want. THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS!!! You can wear it however you like. Varsity jackets are perfect for formal events, sports, and daily wear – and then some. Amazing, right? Still don’t know how to style it? Here is a little guide for you:

    Styling for Formal Events

    Most people think a letterman jacket is a tricky option for formal styling. However, this is not true! You just need to pick up the right piece. There is also a misconception you can only solid-colored jackets for formals. But it's not about the color you pick, it's about the materials. Besides, you should go for a jacket made with luxe materials. After all, materials like leather or wool give a structured appeal to your varsity jacket, making them perfect for formal wear. And hey, don’t forget to accessorize. For this, you should pick statement pieces.

    Styling for Sports

    Games are the ideal occasion to wear your jacket with pride. Why so? Because you get to show off your team spirit. For a sporty look, you can pair your varsity jacket with track pants or even athletic shorts. Moreover, its best that you color coordinate with your favorite team. You can finish off your look with a comfy pair of sneakers and a baseball cap. And voila – you’re ready to cheer your favorite team. Whether it’s a baseball match or basketball, you can carry this look to all games.

    Styling for Casual Wear

    Are you going for a laid-back look? It’s the simplest one to style. For a casual look, you just need to have a basic tee and a pair of jeans. Moreover, for jeans, you can go for a classic blue one, a distressed one, or a baggy one – depending on your personal taste. However, a baggy pair of jeans is the most trending one these days. For shoes, sneakers or boots are the most comfortable option. Anyhow, this look is perfect for running errands or grabbing a cup of coffee with friends.

    Styling with Athleisure

    Comfort meets sportiness – athleisure took the fashion world by storm! Besides, we know that varsity jackets are an outer-sports-wear. So, it’s obvious that both attires will complement each other. Therefore, these jackets are the perfect companion for all your sporty wear, especially sweats. For footwear, take out your chunkiest piece of sneakers. Or maybe a decent one. Both can go well with this look. After all, its athleisure, and you are free to keep it as comfortable as you want.

    Quick Question: Can You Style Oversized Varsity Jacket?

    Yes! Styling an oversized jacket is possible. In fact, you can make a style statement with it. Moreover, for a balanced look pair it with fitted jeans and chunky boots or sneakers. For women, thigh-high boots are great for styling oversized jackets. After all, they provide the right coverage for your bare legs.

    Ending Thoughts on Varsity Jacket Target Audience!

    Let’s go back to where we started: are varsity jackets for you everyone? YES, THEY ARE! And these are not just words. They’re actually practical attire for all sorts of people. No matter your age, body type, or profession, these are for everyone. But why so? What is it that makes them suitable for everyone? Well, it's their customizable design elements. Apart from this, you can style them in so many ways. Wear it on your team’s match or flaunt it at a cocktail party, they fit every occasion – perfectly so!

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