Varsity Jacket Style

Varsity Jacket Style: Why it Has Become a Timeless Fashion Trend

Varsity jackets are so amazing because they can make you feel both proud and stylish at the same time. Undoubtedly, these jackets are not just a symbol of school spirit. They are a lot more than that! Apart from giving you the opportunity to wear your victories on your shoulders, it also enables you to make a style statement. The best part: you can style your jacket in so many ways. This is the reason why varsity jackets are always in trend. After all, the ability to style your jacket in as many ways as you want gives it an edge that not many garments have. This article is all about why and how the varsity jacket style transformed itself from a high school staple to a timeless fashion trend that never fades. We’ll begin with the day when varsity jackets made their first appearance to now – when wearing these jackets is no less than a glorious fashion moment. So, let’s get started!

Varsity Jacket Style: Where did it all start?

The rich varsity jacket history goes way back to the 1860s. It was first worn by the Harvard Baseball team and instantly created a buzz among everyone. People were intrigued by their distinctive style. After all, these jackets seamlessly represented the players’ belonging to Harvard with the letter H embroidered on the chest. This was the first appearance of these jackets and it was so impactful because of the varsity jacket style. No one had ever worn such attire to a sport. That was what made them so special. Also, the fact that athletes were wearing them added to their impact. Other teams and schools were so impressed with this idea that they came with their own jackets.

Varsity Jacket Style: Transformation in the 20TH Century

Yes, that’s right! In fact, the varsity jacket style had to go through several modifications to reach the jacket we see and love today. The initial jacket gradually got leather sleeves and a wool body – which worked really well in protecting players from the cold weather.

Did You Know? 

Varsity jackets – worn by the Harvard athletes – were actually sweaters called the Letterman Sweaters?
As the years passed, varsity jackets became a cherished part of the school culture. After all, they represented not just team spirit and achievement but also a sense of belonging and pride in one's school or college. During the mid-20th century, varsity jackets started gaining popularity beyond the sports field. They became a symbol of youthful rebellion. Also, the versatility of the varsity jacket style made it a part of many subcultures like hip-hop. Moreover, throughout the years, these jackets have been worn and loved by a lot of celebrities which enhanced their style impact even more.

Celebrity Influence: Why Varsity Jacket Became a Style Statement?

Another reason why varsity jackets became a style statement is the celebrity influence. Throughout the years, we have seen many celebrities flaunting varsity jackets in movies, public appearances, or even while being papped on the streets.
 Fun Fact!
Michael Jackson wore a red varsity jacket for the music video for “Thriller” and fans went crazy over the varsity jacket trend.
The 80s and the 90s were truly THE ERA OF FASHION. Anything trending in those days has to be considered ICONIC! The same is the case with varsity jackets. Movies and fashion icons of that era made this trend popular outside of high schools. What’s your favorite classic movie or TV show featuring varsity jackets? Even today, teens see their favorite celebrities carrying varsity jackets with their attire and making a style statement. As a result, they want to get a jacket for themselves too – just like their favorite celebrity has. In other words, celebrity influence through movies, public appearances, and social media has played a major role in converting varsity jackets from a piece of clothing to a fashion statement.
Whether we talk about Elvis Presley wearing a letterman jacket back in the day or Gigi Hadid’s love for varsity jackets, it is clear that the varsity jacket trend is timeless and is never going to fade.

Varsity Jacket Style and Street Fashion

As aforementioned, a varsity jacket is not just a part of the school culture. In fact, it is a statement of fashion. Moreover, you can style your jackets in so many ways. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, they can incorporate in just any style. The varsity jacket style flawlessly blends in with so many other fashion trends that we cannot even count them on our fingers. One such trend is streetwear.
Fashion Fact!
"The varsity jacket’s association with youth culture and sports lends it an air of authenticity and laid-back appeal that resonates with street-style fashion."

Street fashion enables you to wear your jacket in a casual style. Whether you wear them with jogger pants or a pair of baggy jeans, they’ll look perfect. The best part is that you can style them in a new way every time you wear them. After all, the varsity jacket style options are endless. Women can also wear them with mini-skirts. In fact, this fit is simply perfect to add to your fashion mood board this season. Apart from the bottom wear, the options for accessorizing are also limitless. Simply put, you can add your touch of creativity so that your jacket speaks your style.

"Streetwear is all about being comfortable while standing out with your style. And varsity jackets effortlessly blend into this vision."

The Androgynous Appeal of Varsity Jackets

Wearing a varsity jacket gives you a sense of power. Why so? Well, an obvious reason is that it represents your school's pride. However, one often overlooked yet significant factor is that its androgynous appeal gives you a sense of being an alpha, whether you are a male or a female. These jackets are made this way. And this is the best thing about them. Unlike many other garments, these jackets are not made with the purpose of objectification of any gender but to symbolize the glory of your accomplishments. Isn’t it amazing? A clothing item empowers its wearer regardless of how they are identified. Well, this is all varsity jackets are about. So, we can safely say that varsity jackets are for everyone. They are inclusive!

Elements that Impact the Varsity Jacket Style

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the design elements that impact the style of varsity jackets. The first thing to do is make sure that the manufacturer or the varsity jacket builder produces good quality jackets. After all, how good your jacket looks is backed by how good quality the materials are. Low-grade materials result in giving jackets a cheap feel. Similarly, the finish of the jacket is equally important. Before buying your jacket, make sure it has proper stitching. Another important factor to consider is the fitting. Get your varsity jacket made to fit you perfectly. This will make you look presentable and feel comfortable. Now, let’s discuss the design elements that impact the style of your overall jacket:
Body Sleeves Hood  Front Closure
When it comes to the body, the first thing to consider is materials. Make sure you choose the material that keeps you comfortable during extreme weather. The main options are wool, nylon, polyester, etc. For sleeves, usually, leather is preferred because it gives the jacket a premium feel. However, wool sleeves also look good. Moreover, when it comes to styling the sleeves you get two options: raglan or set-in. Custom-designing your varsity jacket also gives you the option of adding a hood. It not only looks fashionable but also keeps you protected from the cold. So, if you like wearing hoodies in the winter, you can consider adding one to your jacket.  Another element that you can style is the front closure. Didn’t know you could do that, right? You can choose from two options: zipped-up or buttoned-down. Select the one for your jacket that fits your style preferences.
Moreover, the ability to design your jacket per your liking also means that it can be easily personalized to represent your school or team – or just make a fashion statement. Additionally, it adds a personal touch to your jacket. Undoubtedly, it makes your jacket unique to you. You can also choose the style of jacket that coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe.

Choose Whatever Colors You Like!

When it comes to varsity jackets, one of the most appealing aspects is the freedom to choose whatever colors you like. This means that you can get your jacket made in the color that suits your personal style and preferences. In fact, you can choose as many colors as you like. Whether you prefer classic color combinations like black and white or want to make a bold statement with vibrant hues, the choice is yours. A safe option is choosing the colors that represent your school. But who wants to play safe, right? 2024 is all about being bold and experimenting. Normally, you should use two or three colors. However, the choice is all yours. Do you know what’s more amazing? You can even color-customize these elements of your jackets separately:  
  • Buttons
  • Zipper
  • Lining
  • Knit
  • Base
  • Pockets
  • Hood

The Customization Options Are Endless!

You can add your personal touch to your letterman jacket through customization. Your custom varsity jacket gives you room to tell your story of high school glory the way you like. Moreover, customization options for varsity jackets are vast. And they are so amazing because they allow you to create a truly unique and personalized garment. The customization is not just limited to material and color selection. In fact, the options are truly limitless. Here, we are not talking about choosing wool or leather for your sleeves or deciding if they will be knitted or not. We are talking about adding patches, emblems, or embroidery. After all, these things offer amazing ways to elevate your varsity jacket style. If you want to stand out in the crowd, then making good use of some patches and embroidery is a must. Here are some ways to customize your jackets:
Customization Options  Why Choose Them?
Patches A popular choice when it comes to customizing your jacket. You can use them to add personalization, like your name or initials, or to represent a team or organization. Patches can be sewn or ironed onto the jacket.
Mascots They used to add a fun and whimsical element to varsity jackets. You can add patches that symbolize your school, team, or organization. Moreover, you can embroider or appliqué these onto the jacket.
Logos This is a very common option. You can add the logo of your school, team, or organization to your varsity jacket.
Decorative Emblems This is a great choice if you want to add something else other than your school mascots or logos. In fact, you can use these patches purely for aesthetic purposes. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.
Embroidery Get embroidered different texts, designs, or patterns on varsity jackets. It is best to add a personal touch or to highlight specific features of the jacket.
Whether you want to give your jacket a classic look or a chic one, customization can be very helpful. Moreover, it will make your jacket truly ONE-OF-A-KIND. You can add your name, team logo, batch year – and a lot more. Again, the choices are endless and no choice is the wrong one. It all depends on how you like it. Want to turn your existing jacket into a stylish piece? Why not consider some customization? Trust us, it works – marvelously. In fact, it will make your jacket as special and unique as you are.


To sum up the varsity jacket style there is only one that fits perfectly: timeless. Yes, that’s right! These jackets are just timeless. Why so? Because they are versatile. You can style them however you want to. From customization of the key elements like body and sleeves to adding patches to your jacket, there is so much you can do. Want to make your jacket a bold statement piece? You can color-customize them for that. Moreover, varsity jackets have been a cherished fashion item since day one. In fact, it is not wrong to say that these jackets have been ruling the world of fashion for centuries.
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